Student Services

What is the IABC/Louisville Student Chapter?

This is a proud partnership between IABC/Louisville and the University of Louisville, established in 2005. Students represent the future of the communication profession. IABC actively supports students’ education and entry into the field as a means of enhancing the profession for all practitioners. IABC has about 40 student chapters and more than 1,000 student members, mostly in the U.S. and Canada.

Why was the IABC/Louisville student chapter started?

  • To promote high professional standards and attitudes, and offer a perspective of the future role of business communicators.
  • To demonstrate the purpose of membership in professional associations and encourage continuing membership.
  • To provide transition experience from the classroom to the field.

How are IABC student members selected?

IABC defines student members as “full-time students of colleges, universities and other educational institutions . . . . This membership shall also be available to part-time students working toward a degree, who are not presently engaged in the organizational communication profession.”

Applications for student membership must be received at least 60 days prior to graduation date.

For more information, including an application and dues structure for IABC/Louisville student members, please click here.

What are IABC student member benefits ?

  • Communication World magazine — keep up on the current issues affecting communication professionals.
  • Access to the Member Centre on, including the Job Centre, CW Online, the member database, and MemberSpeak, where you can get advice from other IABC members.
  • Opportunity to explore career options in business communication.
  • Access to current information on trends and issues in the profession.
  • Opportunity to interact with and learn from those now working in the field.
  • Member rates on IABC publications and textbooks.
  • Discounted student rate to attend IABC’s International Conference.
  • Member rates at local chapter and district/regional events.