Originally formed as the Louisville chapter of the American Association of Industrial Editors (founded in the early 1940s), the chapter now known as IABC/Louisville has flourished over the last several decades, maintaining high standards of communication and ethics as the profession in Kentucky has undergone its own growth and transformation. When the International Council of Industrial Editors merged with the American Association of Industrial Editors on a nationwide scale in 1970, professional communicators in Kentucky rallied together to form a new chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. In 1974, IABC-KY became the 62nd oldest chapter of the organization’s 100+ chapters worldwide. In December 2012, IABC-KY renamed itself IABC/Louisville to better reflect its mission and geographical reach.

Adding the prestigious Landmarks of Excellence awards program in 1983, creating a student chapter at the University of Louisville in 2005, and producing hundreds of practical and informative luncheons, seminars and skillshops over the last 30+ years, IABC/Louisville has established itself not only as a local leader in the field of communications, but it has also been recognized nationally for its activities. In 2007, IABC’s international headquarters informed the Louisville chapter that it had the second-highest growth rate in the nation over the last year (eighth highest in the world). While understandably excited about adding that detail to the honorable history of the organization, the chapter continues to strive for greater goals. The leaders of IABC/Louisville desire to build on this rich history, but not dwell on it — because we believe the best is yet to come.