About Us


IABC links communicators in a global network that inspires, establishes and supports the highest professional standards of quality and innovation in organizational communication. We are recognized as the professional association of choice for communicators who aspire to excel in their chosen fields.


Provide lifelong learning opportunities that give IABC members the tools and information they need to be the best in their chosen disciplines. Share among our membership best global communication practices, ideas and experiences that will enable us to develop highly ethical and effective performance standards for our profession. Shape the future of the profession through ground-breaking research. Lead the way in the use of advanced information technology in the profession. Unite the communication profession worldwide in one diverse, multifaceted organization under the banner of the International Association of Business Communicators.


IABC, the International Association of Business Communicators, is the leading resource for effective communication. We provide products, services, activities and networking opportunities to help people and organizations achieve excellence in public relations, employee communication, marketing communication, public affairs and other forms of communication. People around the world — in every industry and in the public and nonprofit sectors — have taken advantage of our resources in order to advance their careers and meet organizational objectives.

IABC specializes in helping people and organizations make business sense of communication, think strategically about communication, measure and clarify the value of communication, and build better relationships with stakeholders.

Our products and services include Communication World, an award-winning print magazine covering trends and issues; an annual international conference at which participants can network and learn from top communicators; communication Bank, a comprehensive information service that provides how-to handbooks, customized information searches of electronic databases, IABC Research Foundation materials and information on award-winning programs; an accreditation program in which people can have their professionalism recognized by becoming Accredited Business Communicators (ABCs); the Gold Quill awards program; WorldBook (a membership directory and association guidebook printed annually) and Worldbook on Disk, a searchable electronic member database. Services at the district/regional and chapter levels (newsletters and professional development opportunities). Members of IABC also have the opportunity to grow professionally by volunteering for the association and taking on leadership responsibilities.